World champion Iman Barlow brilliantly stops robbery in Majorca


British professional kickboxer Iman Barlow pulled off a remarkable feat during her holiday on the Spanish tourist island of Majorca last weekend.

The action unfolded outside the boxing ring when a pair of robbers attacked an English dad holidaying with his daughter along with his family near the hotel Barlow was staying with her boyfriend Stan Stannard in Palma Nova.

The couple were with Iman’s brother Thai who was among the first ones to become aware of the danger of the fellow British family.

The thieves stole the Englishman’s £25,000 [$30,000] watch, with one of them grabbing hold of his arm while the other took the watch off his wrist, as confirmed by Barlow herself.

The robbers tried fleeing the scene on a moped, but could not get far, as Barlow and her boyfriend caught up with them, resulting in dire consequence for the culprits.

The double world champion floored one of the thieves by delivering an impressive kick. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Stannard, also an international class middleweight, punched the other thug, pinning him on the ground till the police arrived.

After her return to Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Iman broke the news, revealing the entire incident that went down.

She said: “One of the lads in our party saw it start and said 'there's a fight going on over there.

“These blokes had got off their scooter and while one held the man's wrist, the other took his watch off.


“They ran off and as one went past me, I kicked him in the chest to slow him down. He carried on running and then a young girl shouted 'he's got my dad's watch', so Stan ran after him and hit him with a left hand punch.

“Afterwards you start thinking he could have had a knife or a gun, but instinct just kicked in at the time.”

The English dad got his valuables back and the family was incredibly grateful to Iman and her boyfriend for helping out.

Iman further shared insights on how her own dad reacted to the news, hearing the whole event.


“The family thanked us for what we had done and they gave us €50 which we didn't want to accept at first,” added the 26-year-old.

“When I told my dad what had happened he loved it. He couldn't believe it but he was happy that we got involved.

“My training definitely helped me have the confidence to do something when the robbery was happening.”

Nicknamed ‘Pretty Killer’, Iman won the Women’s Super Bantamweight title in 2017 with a victory over Meryum Mergen.

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