Man Utd fan's viral tweet about Liverpool's failure to win the Premier League

  • Kobe Tong

Manchester United and Liverpool fans are never too far away from an argument with one another.

While neither team regards the other as their local rivals, we have Everton and Manchester City for that, their status as the Premier League’s two biggest clubs draws them into many an argument.

They’re the two biggest cities in the north-west, have the two largest fan-bases in the country, own two of the grandest stadiums in the world and both possess gigantic trophy cabinets.

Sure, Liverpool fans are currently enjoying life a lot more at the moment, having recently won the Champions League and UEFA Super Cup, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Kopites spent a good two decades with their heads in their hands – barring a certain night in Istanbul – while Sir Alex Ferguson’s United hoovered up league titles like they were going out of fashion.

Man Utd vs Liverpool

And just in the case the rivalry couldn’t be closer, both clubs are actually tied on 42 apiece, with Liverpool having drawn level with their European victory over Tottenham this year.

There was some confusion suggesting that Liverpool had actually taken the lead with their UEFA Super Cup win, but United are actually winning 66-62 when ‘minor’ trophies are factored in. 

That isn’t the only major victory that United fans have scored over their rivals either and the latter comes from an inspired tweet from @RiZzyUtd that instantly went viral.

Man Utd fan mugs off Liverpool

There has been a recent obsession with the website ‘TierMaker’, which allows people to sort players, clubs, managers or literally anything into their own self-labelled tiers.

And this particular United fan has sought to remind Liverpool of the one gaping hole in their trophy cabinet: the Premier League. 

We’re sure you can work the rest out. They organised the current 20 Premier League teams by how many times they’ve won the competition – and the end result can be seen down below:

Can somebody order a taxi for Jurgen Klopp please?

It certainly is damning that a club the size of Liverpool has never been able to secure a league title this side of 1992 and the fact they’ve come close so regularly makes it even more painful.

Last season even saw them win more points than every United team in the competition’s history, as well as Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ for good measure, but still finish up short to City. 

Of course, the comments section is absolutely swimming with Liverpool fans reminding their rivals of their superior European record, which they just recently bolstered to six victories.

However, it doesn’t stop the original tweet from taking a trending format and throwing it at Liverpool in amusing fashion. Besides, we’ve got to give United something to cheer.

Which club do you think is the biggest – United or Liverpool? Have your say in the comments section below.

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