Brie Bella says WWE were set on The Bella Twins having a long run with Women's Tag Titles

The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins have not been seen in a WWE ring since October 2018, and they took the opportunity in March to announce their retirement from the squared circle.

Brie was the first to admit that she wouldn't be returning to the ring on the March 10 episode of Total Bellas, and two weeks later, Nikki announced her wrestling career was over.

Both were for entirely different circumstances though, with Brie wanting to focus on her family and being a mother to her and Daniel Bryan's daughter - Birdie.

Nikki though was basically forced away from the ring, with a doctor telling her that not only did she have a full herniated disc above where she had neck surgery, but she had a cyst on the brain.

It put to bed her plans to return to the ring after WrestleMania 35, and it seems like there was pretty big plans for both Nikki and Brie if they had come back post-Mania.

Nikki actually revealed back in June that WWE's plans after WrestleMania for the Bellas to go up against the new Women's Tag Team Champions The IIconics, and the feud would have lasted for a couple of months.

Brie has added to these claims by admitting that they were set to have a lengthy reign with the belts, and that both the men's and women's tag belts are seemingly under-appreciated.

The Bella Twins were set for a comeback post-WrestleMania 35, but it failed to materialise

"I feel like sometimes there might be so many things going on. Creatively like, they do have something to worry about first, second, third, fourth... and I feel like both the Men's Tag Team Titles and Women's Tag Team Titles are down the list of being important," Brie told ESPN's No Holds Barred radio, per Fightful.

"Which is too bad... even for the men, I see their division... I feel like it all should be important.

"Maybe because they're so new, that they are kind of still just getting their feet wet and what they want to do with them... I know they kind of were set on my sister and I doing a long run with them, and some times things happen last minute."

If The Bellas did end up having a long run with the titles, no doubt there would have been a lot of fans unhappy, especially with Sasha Banks and Bayley dropping them so soon after winning them - and we know what happened to Sasha after that.

Both women have now retired from the ring

But we will never see The Bellas hold WWE gold ever again - obviously superstars don't have to stay retired - but with Nikki having neck issues as serious as reported surely means she will never come back.

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