NXT is set to go head-to-head with All Elite Wrestling on U.S. TV on Wednesday nights

Triple H

Two wrestling companies are set to go head-to-head in a repeat of the Monday Night Wars of yesteryear - but there is a bit of a twist.

The rumours have swirled for some time now, but WrestleVotes have tweeted today that an announcement is expected on Monday regarding the future of the NXT brand.

It's set to be revealed that the third brand of WWE is not only gaining an extra hour to it's hour-long show, but it's moving to a live format and it's also getting a new home.

The WWE Network is set to no longer host the Orlando-based brand in the States at least, as the USA Network [which Raw is broadcast on] is set to add it to its programming, after losing SmackDown Live to FOX from October onwards.

That would mean it will go head-to-head with All Elite Wrestling's new weekly Wednesday night series at the exact same time.

It's obvious that Vince McMahon sees AEW as a threat and moving NXT to clash with them is the most telling sign yet.

Cody Rhodes and AEW will be going up against NXT on Wednesday nights

It will be nothing like the Monday Night Wars as it's not Raw or SmackDown going against AEW - NXT has a smaller fanbase but it's still booming, as the regular TakeOver attendances and match cards show.

There's been a really mixed reaction in regards to all the rumours surrounding NXT though, especially changing the format from its original one-hour length.

On one hand, some are more positive of the potential extension to two hours, as it gives more time for more storylines to develop and some main roster superstars could come to NXT to try and re-boost their careers.

Triple H runs the NXT brand and will have to create a two-hour show instead of a one-hour product weekly

But on the other hand, the brand could be massively over-exposed with an extra hour a week.

And with speculation that Vince McMahon may try to get more hands-on with Triple H's show when it goes live, that would be a real downer to many who believe he's not up to handling the creative side of WWE anymore.

It will be interesting to see how the expected changes are received, and when it is announced, the obvious AEW questions will be asked - and probably avoided.

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