Daniel Cormier shows off his ridiculous strength by lifting up Stipe Miocic

August 17 was the night of UFC 241 and the main event on the fight card was the heavyweight bout between Daniel Cormier, weighing in at 235 lbs, and Stipe Miocic, weighing in at 230 lbs.

It was a fight that Miocic came out on top in the fourth round to win the heavyweight title back after he initially lost it to Cormier last year.

The highlight of this fight, though, was not the knockout finish to the fight, but was when Cormier was able to pick 6ft 5”, 230 lbs Miocic up like it was absolutely nothing.

Not only that, he then walked around the canvas for a couple of seconds before body slamming him to the mat.

To put that into a different perspective, that weight is the equivalent of an Andean bear, and to make that look like he was literally carrying nothing, is insane.

This was just one of the many moments that Cormier appeared to show a lack of respect to his opponent, and no doubt this was the final straw for Miocic, who eventually turned the fight around in his favour.

This is a statement victory for Miocic as he regains the heavyweight title that he had held for quite some time, so his next fight to retain that title, will be just as entertaining.

Still, you cannot take anything away from Cormier, who showcased his pure strength in this fight, no more so than when he carried Miocic around the Octagon.

Last night could in fact be one of his last fights in UFC as rumours are circling after his loss that he might not have many fights left in him.

Still, we’re sure there are plenty of UFC athletes who would still be somewhat nervous at the prospect of a fight with Cormier as he can undoubtedly cause some damage still in the Octagon, which was proved in his loss last night.

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