Nate Diaz watching highlights of himself beating Anthony Pettis up at UFC 241

The fight card for UFC 241 included some great fights, and one of them was Anthony Pettis vs Nate Diaz, where the latter claimed victory via decision.

He dominated the fight and was not shy in admitting that in his recap of the fight.

Afterwards, he jumped on the broadcast to have a look over the highlights of the fight, and was admiring how he fought in the welterweight co-main event.

Adding insult to injury for Pettis, Diaz was quick to undermine any of his opponent’s highlights in the fight and just moved on to his own personal highlights to express his admiration for his performance.

Watching on like one of his own fans during this recap, Diaz was appreciating every punch that made contact with Pettis.

During this broadcast, there was a very brief interview about what Diaz’s plans are for the rest of 2019.

Still a little dazed so soon after his fight, he didn’t really have the most concrete answer to what he has lined up for the remainder of the year.

Admitting he didn’t know what month it was after coming onto the broadcast after his fight, he seemed to be content with whatever happens, happens.

He’ll happily have another fight if that is on the cards, however, after just winning in his return back to the Octagon, no doubt he will want a little time to recuperate and weigh up his options and not rush into anything.

This being said though, he dominated in his first fight back after a three-year long hiatus, so he would undoubtedly be hungry for more competition.

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