AEW seemingly purchases 'Wednesday Night Wars' domains ahead of wrestling war with WWE


The wrestling war between WWE and AEW is barely out of the starting blocks, but both sides are firing strong shots at one another.

It is rumoured that on Monday, WWE will announce that it will start to broadcast NXT live on Wednesday nights on the USA network from sometime in September.

This move away from its current spot on the WWE Network is to combat the launch of AEW's weekly TV show, which is also being broadcasted on Wednesday nights from October 2.

Many wrestling critics and fans alike are already dubbing this wrestling war between WWE and AEW the 'Wednesday Night Wars' since both promotions will be broadcasting on that day.

It seems as though AEW may have gone one step further when it comes to the 'Wednesday Night Wars' name as they may have purchased several domains linked to the term, according to Forbes.

As of writing, the '' domain redirects to a YouTube video of a vintage match from Ohio Valley Wrestling, a former WWE developmental territory, of Cody Rhodes and CM Punk vs Jay Bradley and Shawn Spears.

The redirect of this link could change, but nevertheless, three of the four wrestlers involved in this match have been heavily associated with AEW over the past couple of months.

Rhodes is AEW's Executive Vice President, while Spears is signed with the promotion. Punk has been linked with joining AEW ever since its inception, but he is yet to join.


As of writing, the '' domain redirects you to a YouTube clip of Punk and another AEW star, Kenny Omega, at the 2019 C2e2 video game conference.

AEW is yet to be confirmed as the reason behind these domain names redirects, but it wouldn't be surprising to discover if they were given the names associated in the videos the redirects take you to.

With the news that NXT could be moving live to Wednesday nights very soon, these domain redirects could be AEW's response to make sure they stay ahead of the game and in a position to own everything associated with the up and coming Wednesday Night Wars.

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