Sunday League player creates 'The Crocfly' football boot


Football boots are getting more and more expensive.

If you want to buy an ‘Elite’ pair of brand new boots, you’ll have to fork out in excess of £200.

One of the most popular boots on the market in recent years has been the Nike Mercurial Superfly.

Nike recently released the seventh generation of the Superfly which you can purchase either in blue or black.

They do cost up to £240, mind.

But what if you really want a pair but can’t afford that extortionate price?

You make your own, of course.


Well, that’s what one Sunday League player has done making The Crocfly.

Harry Ward, 20, bought a bright pink pair of Crocs and, using his best DIY skills, created some football boots.


"It was his 18th birthday and he was lacking some flair in the boot department," Harry told SPORTbible.

"He wanted a pair of Superfly's so we made him the next best thing: The Crocfly's.

"They performed immaculately at Sunday League level. Crocfly's are highly breathable but be warned, there is a high chance of trench foot if you're playing on a soggy pitch."

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While they obviously look pretty ‘fly’ they didn’t actually last very long.

"The boots fell to pieces after a giant centre back two-footed our mate after attempting a cheeky step over." Harry added. "It was a clear red card.


"I would highly recommend these boots to any Premier League player that want to get their hands on cutting edge technology.

"But I would advise bringing a glue stick to games, just in case the tick pulls away from the Croc itself."

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