Super fan who has visited 536 grounds says Celtic Park has the best atmosphere in the world

Which stadium has the best atmosphere in football?

In England, Anfield has been praised for the atmosphere that is created by the fans, especially in Europe.

Borussia Dortmund’s Westfalenstadion Stadium is known for its ‘Yellow Wall’ which is quite a sight to behold.

Other stadiums including Galatasary’s Turk Telekom Stadium and Boca’s La Bombonera also produce incredible atmospheres.

Of course, there isn’t any real right or wrong answer when answering which stadium has the best atmosphere.

It’s all up to interpretation and personal opinions.

But one man who’s opinion counts for most than most is superfan, Federico Roccio.

The Italian has spent his life travelling around the world visiting different football grounds.

At the time of writing Roccio has visited 536 grounds, including every ground in Serie A.

But when asked which ground had the best atmosphere, he didn’t think twice.

“Without a doubt, especially for the atmosphere, I can’t not say Celtic Park in Glasgow,” he told the Daily Mail.

Roccio visited the stadium in 2013 when Celtic played AC Milan in the Champions League.

Celtic suffered a heavy 3-0 defeat which ended their European campaign. But Roccio was still impressed.

“I remember at the end of a Celtic vs AC Milan game, with the Rossoneri victorious, the home fans came to the away section throwing their scarves. A beautiful gesture in today’s football.”

The Italian even claimed that he ‘cried’ due to the atmosphere created by the Celtic supporters.

“I’ve been to 25 countries including Germany, France, Spain and England. The stadium that excited me most of all was Celtic Park,” he added.

“I even cried. Despite a heavy 3-0 loss, the fans just kept singing and they invited us to drink with them. It was fantastic.”

Which stadium so you think has the best atmosphere in the world? Have your say by leaving a comment below.

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