Samoa Joe: The sky is the limit for Baron Corbin as a heel character

Baron Corbin

WWE fans haven't seen Baron Corbin on television screens for a number of weeks now, and to some he will have been a welcome absentee.

After Seth Rollins disposed of AJ Styles at Money In The Bank, Rollins needed a fresh heel to work with for future events - and up stepped Corbin.

The former football player had become a prominent member of the Raw roster in 2018, and became the Acting GM of the brand when Kurt Angle took some time off.

After Angle put Corbin over at WrestleMania 35 in his retirement match, it looked like Vince McMahon saw big things for the 'Lone Wolf', and he was rewarded with a number of title matches.

He was unsuccessful in every single one of them though - losing at Super ShowDown, Stomping Grounds and Extreme Rules - the latter where he teamed with Lacey Evans in a mixed tag match against Rollins and Becky Lynch.

Evans and Corbin have gone AWOL since that weekend, with Corbin's last appearance coming in the number-one contender battle royal on Raw the night after Extreme Rules, but he's scheduled to compete in the upcoming King of the Ring tournament.

The heel Baron Corbin is not to every WWE fan's tastes

With some fans not taking to Corbin's character and his overexposure, he's been backed by a fellow major WWE heel in the form of Samoa Joe, as he told SkySports that Corbin could be anything he wants to be.

"I realise that even though I play a heel character, a lot of fans are still fans of mine and enjoy my work, and I hear them cheer and it is what it is," said Joe.

"But guys like Baron, they are eliciting the reaction they want from you, there is a genuine dislike, and there is a lot of power and currency in that.

"And what boggles my mind is people are like 'You're terrible at what you do, I hate you', and his literal core mission is to get people to hate him - and pay money to see him get beat up. 

Samoa Joe though is a fan of Corbin's heel persona

"He's definitely got that first part - people hate him - if he focuses on the latter part then the sky is the limit as far as what he can do."

Joe raises a good point, a lot of people do not like Corbin's character, but he's getting the reaction that a heel wants, regardless of whether it is organic or go-away heat.

There is a strong chance that Corbin may be the winner of the King of the Ring in the coming weeks, so if that happens, prepare for the boo-boys to increase.

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