Vince McMahon reportedly set to get more hands-on with NXT when it moves to USA Network

Vince McMahon

WWE are set to announce at some point today that NXT will be undergoing major changes in the near future.

An announcement could be made during Monday Night Raw tonight, and it may see a new wrestling war break out, although it'll never be on the scale of the Monday Night Wars of the 1990s.

As numerous reports have stated, WWE are set to go head-to-head with Tony Khan's All Elite Wrestling on Wednesday nights.

AEW announced that they would be going live every Wednesday night on TNT in the United States and ITV in the United Kingdom, which is the exact same night that WWE show the taped-in-advance brand of NXT on the WWE Network.

NXT is only shown an hour a week and despite results being online weeks in advance, it's very popular and the TakeOver shows which are broadcasted live in big arenas are always well received.

But with AEW going on Wednesday nights, NXT is set to move from the WWE Network to the USA Network, which currently shows both Raw and SmackDown, although the blue brand will move to FOX on October 4, just two nights after AEW's TNT debut.

Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole have become embroiled in NXT's main feud in 2019

Not only will NXT be reportedly getting a channel change, but the length is set to be doubled to two hours a week, and it will be broadcast live from it's regular location of Full Sail University in Orlando, and not taped.

It all sounds good upto now, right? Well prepare for some news that may not float everyone's boat.

Because NXT is going to a big network, Vince McMahon is set to get more hands-on with the brand, which has been led by Triple H successfully for a number of years.

That will be seen as a negative to most fans, who will not want Vince to bring his main roster-style booking to NXT, who seem to do most things right.

Vince McMahon though could be getting more 'hands-on' with WWE

On the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the potential changes of NXT, and Meltzer stated that Vince 'doesn't want to lose a battle' with AEW, and the fact it will be broadcast on a major network means he will be getting more-and-more involved, per Reddit.

NXT could look very different by the time it goes live, both in terms of production and roster, and fans will be praying that Triple H is allowed to retain his input creatively.

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