WWE are potentially altering The Fiend as the character isn't 'child-friendly' enough

'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt

'The Fiend' made his presence felt for the first time in an actual match at SummerSlam last weekend, and he disposed of Finn Balor with relative ease.

In the weeks prior, Bray Wyatt's newest alter-ego had taken down the likes of Mick Foley and Kurt Angle, and had adopted the finishing move of Foley - the Mandible Claw - which is what he used to defeat Balor in Toronto.

The new character is clearly a concept from Wyatt that has been long-planned out, and it seems that was even before he took a year away from the ring starting in August 2018.

A 2015 video produced by WWE seems to indicate Wyatt describing The Fiend's characteristics, from his long yellow hair to his yellow eyes, meaning that he had these ideas long before they came to fruition.

After his defeat of Balor in Toronto last Sunday, many were excited to see what was next for The Fiend, but were disappointed to find that he was not on Raw or SmackDown the following nights.

According to journalist Tom Colohue, Wyatt should have been on one of the shows in some capacity, but apparently there was backstage argument over whether The Fiend or his Firefly Funhouse character should appear - and in the end neither did.

The Fiend made his presence felt on Raw weeks ago by attacking Kurt Angle

But an even further comment from Colohue's source suggests that The Fiend may not continue in its current guise for much longer.

WWE reportedly want a 'happy medium' in which they want a special character, but do not want to scare 'half the audience away'.

There have been rumours of children being too scared about The Fiend but he hasn't done anything too outlandish since his arrival to our television screens, which makes the report hard to come to terms with.

WWE fans have been overly positive with the character's introduction, and especially his first in-ring appearance at SummerSlam, so any potential upcoming changes will probably be very premature.

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