Harry Maguire was dribbled past by Raul Jimenez during Wolves 1-1 Man Utd


Harry Maguire has enjoyed a strong start to life at Manchester United.

With huge pressure stacked on his shoulders from day one, the Englishman brushed away his £80 million transfer fee to deliver a Man of the Match performance against Chelsea last week.

However, it wasn't so plain sailing on Monday night as United travelled to Wolverhampton Wanderers, securing a 1-1 draw after goals from Anthony Martial and Ruben Neves.

Paul Pogba had the opportunity to win all three points for the Red Devils and make up for the lack of a clean sheet, but saw his disappointing penalty saved by Rui Patricio.

In truth, Maguire was pretty sound throughout and enjoyed an impressive first-half in particular, but even the odd shaky moment after the break did little to cost United.

Maguire vs Wolves

But that doesn't mean that Maguire didn't avoid any embarrassing moments at all and the former Leicester man won't be re-watching his duel with Raul Jimenez in a hurry.

Wolves' Mexican striker decided to embark on an ambitious run through the centre of the pitch and eventually came head-to-head with Maguire, who looked to regain possession one-on-one.

However, a flash of quick feet was enough to not only evade Maguire's tackle, but leave the United defender flat on his backside and looking hopefully over his shoulder for his colleagues.


Maguire dribbled past

It was a pretty impressive skill, but what makes it all the more important is that Maguire has already been 'dribbled past' this season, which is a statistic that has gained real relevance in the last year.

That's because Virgil van Dijk, his direct rival and another player to become the world's most expensive defender, went the entire 2018-19 season without being dribbled past.

So, it was inevitable that fans would poke fun at Maguire for lasting one match and eight minutes without being passed by a striker, while Van Dijk is still enjoying an incredible 65-game streak.

Take a look at the moment down below:

It turns out lightning-fast feet is the kryptonite to Maguire's often impeccable defending.

There has been some controversy surrounding the dribbled past statistic in the past, but there's no hiding behind technicalities with Maguire's fate confirmed on WhoScored.com.

Therefore, it seems as though Liverpool fans can currently feel smug in what will likely be a season-long narrative as to whether Maguire or Van Dijk is the Premier League's finest. 


However, while the dribbled past data is certainly interesting, what matters most is the amount of clean sheets and points that both defenders contribute to.

Liverpool have their eyes set on the title, whereas United are more focused on the top four, but we can't wait to see how crucial their two star defenders prove in both their seasons. Bring it on.

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