Rey Mysterio teases retirement on Raw but now may team up with his son Dominick

Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick

After a tough few weeks of being unable to defeat his current arch nemesis Andrade, the future of wrestling legend Rey Mysterio was well-and-truly up in the air.

Mysterio lost in a two-out-of-three falls match to El Idolo last week on Raw, with Andrade sweeping him 2-0, and in a backstage interview with Charly Caruso, an emotional Rey declared that he needed to be with his family.

Well Rey returned this week to speak with Caruso again, and he referenced that Andrade's actions weeks ago where he ripped the sacred mask from Mysterio's face as an 'insult', but he clearly couldn't get his revenge as he's been struggling to defeat him.

Rey admitted that he felt as though his injuries had caught up to him and that he couldn't carry on competing, and just as he was about to take off his mask and 'hang it up', his son Dominick interrupted.

The young Mysterio told his father that he could not retire as he promised that he would team up with his son when he eventually debuted in the ring, and after some emotional words, he opted to stay wrestling.

Even though it wasn't the most convincing promo from young Dominick, he's still learning in the wrestling business, and he probably hasn't had many, if any, promo classes, but considering the crowd bought it and gave the pair an ovation, WWE's plan worked.

Does this definitely mean that Rey and Dominick will be teaming up at some point in the near future?

You can never be so sure with WWE, as plans change all the time creatively, but it definitely seems as though we are leading to the in-ring debut of Dominick.

Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominick, are set to form a tag team in the near future

It was reported last week that the company were hoping that he would be ready to compete in 2020, but Rey wasn't so sure that he was ready for such a big responsibility considering he only started training in 2017.

But it looks likely from this week's happenings that the plans will be accelerated, and soon enough we could see a rare father and son tag team in a WWE ring.

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