Vince McMahon did not attend Monday Night Raw last night in Minnesota

Vince McMahon

The first half of 2019 wasn't such a good time for WWE creatively speaking, but things have taken an upturn since the appointment of Executive Directors to Raw and SmackDown.

Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, both former GM's on WWE television, were given the respective roles and it's thought that Heyman's ideas are more further down the line than any of Bischoff's right now.

There are some good things going on currently in WWE post SummerSlam, such as the return of the King of the Ring tournament, and especially on Raw we have the return of a heel Sasha Banks and we have a fresh feud for the Universal Championship in Seth Rollins against Braun Strowman seemingly.

Last nights Raw in particular has been praised for its fast pacing and good entertainment, and despite some complaints it was good news all round.

Despite there being no official announcement during the broadcast on the future of NXT and its move to USA Network which was widely expected, there was an unexpected development backstage.

According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, Vince McMahon was not in attendance for last night's episode of Raw in St. Paul, which is highly unusual.

He's been absent from a few episodes of SmackDown Live in recent times but Raw is his flagship show and Vince is always in the gorilla position on Monday nights.

Last night was different though, as per Satin, Triple H, Vice-President of WWE Kevin Dunn and Heyman all ran the show together.

Paul Heyman was one of the three men in charge of Raw last night

And at the pre-show production meeting, Heyman sat at the 'top table' with both HHH and Dunn, something that is apparently 'not the norm.

There's every chance that Vince might be absent more often with the re-boot of the XFL coming in early 2020.

Promotional work is starting this week for his football league and will ramp up even closer to the start date, and he can't possibly juggle both that and all his work with running WWE.

The upcoming relaunch of Vince McMahon's XFL may take some of his time away from running WWE

With McMahon declaring himself a few weeks back on WWE's Q2 Earnings call that he can no longer be 'in the weeds' [basically overseeing every aspect of WWE programming], it was of stark disbelief, especially when reports circulated that he was going to become more 'hands-on' with NXT.

But his absence last night does put some emphasis on his words, and there's every chance that Heyman and Triple H could be given more control of Raw on a long-term basis.

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