Sasha Banks: 'Go to hell Nattie - and tell your daddy I said hi'

Sasha Banks

The heel turn of Sasha Banks last Monday night on Raw really captured the attention of the WWE Universe.

The Boss was returning off the back of a four-month absence following her and Bayley's WrestleMania 35 Women's Tag Team Championships loss to The IIconics, and she came as a completely new person.

Nothing seemed untoward to begin with, the customary purple hair was there and she embraced Natalya, who had been emotionally talking about her late father - Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart - but then she turned on the Canadian in-front of her home fans.

Attentions then turned to Becky Lynch, who came to help the woman she defeated at SummerSlam, but she was overwhelmed by the 'new' Sasha, who decimated the Lasskicker with a steel chair.

Banks was supposed to explain her actions to Jerry 'The King' Lawler on Raw last night, but before she could even come to the ring Lawler was attacked by The Fiend.

That meant Banks was relegated to a simple interview with Michael Cole, where she sarcastically responded that everyone was talking about her blue hair, and she failed to offer an explanation into her actions from the week before.

It wouldn't be the end of her night though.

The new Sasha Banks has targeted Natalya upon her return

As Natalya was discussing what had happened last week backstage, she was jumped by Banks, who slammed her into a cabinet arm-first.

It was Banks' words though that got people talking, as she told Nattie to 'go to hell', and told her to say hello to her father for her.

It's not the first time that Neidhart has been 'mocked' in storyline since his death, with Ruby Riott bringing him up during her feud with Nattie in late 2018.

Fans are split on whether or not it was a good line from Sasha - obviously Natalya would've had to approve of it and some think it's great heel work, whilst others think it's a distasteful thing to say.

All we know for sure is the new-and-improved heel Sasha really is best for business, and she will continue to create talking points 

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