Arjen Robben will train his son's side to play football exactly how he did

Arjen Robben will coach his son's side following his retirement

Arjen Robben has officially retired from professional football.

The Dutch legend started his career at FC Groningen before moving on to PSV.

He then played for Chelsea and Real Madrid before transferring to Bayern Munich in 2009.

It was at the German club where Robben really emerged into a global superstar.

He was almost unstoppable during his time with the club.

Despite suffering from his fair share of injuries, Robben still managed to score 144 times in 309 appearance across 10 seasons for the club.

He finally retired this summer at the age of 35 to cap off a quite incredible career.

Robben was often described as a one trick pony during his time as a footballer.

The Dutchman became a master at running down the right, before cutting inside and bending his shot into the far corner.

It was a trick he did on such regularity but still defenders found him impossible to stop.

Arjen Robben with his family

Robben revealed that he would coach his youngest son's football team this season following his retirement from the professional game.

And he joked that he would teach them all to play exactly how he did during his career.

Speaking to German newspaper Bild, Robben said, per the Daily Mail: "Next season, I will train my youngest son's team.

"Then of course they already know what the training plan is: cut in from the right and shoot with the left."

He doesn't know any other way. With Robben teaching them, his son's team could be a terrifying outfit next season.

Robben played under some world-class during his career including Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Louis van Gaal.

Arjen Robben made a career of cutting inside and shooting into the far corner

But he named Guardiola as the best of the lot.

"I've seen many beautiful things with many coaches and we've been very successful," said Robben, per Sport.

"But if you ask me who was the best, I say Pep Guardiola. I enjoyed it most with him.

"When Pep came, I was already 30 years old.

"You're just trying to stay constant and not get any worse. But under him I got better again.

"Since I suddenly played in different positions, where I never thought that I would play there once. He was the best."

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