Former construction worker is attracting attention due to likeness to Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo’s appearance clearly means a lot to him.

Diego Forlan recently revealed that the Portuguese forward always wanted to be near a mirror during their time together at Manchester United.

And Ronaldo frequently flaunts his figure on Instagram and by modelling his CR7 underwear.

Let’s face it, none of us would complain if we looked like Ronaldo.

And that’s the case for a former construction worker who is attracting global attention due to his striking resemblance to the Juventus star.

Biwar Abdullah left Iraq in May after becoming a local celebrity due to likeness to Ronaldo.

He came to England for an improved life and to continue his manual labour job in Derby before being spotted by Shane Douglas, a local shop owner, who pointed out how much he looked like the former Man United and Real Madrid attacker.

They quickly became friends and Shane now plans to represent Biwar and turn him into a full-time Ronaldo lookalike, appearing at parties and events.

Shane said, per The Sun: “He was walking past my shop in a Juventus shirt and he caught my eye, I thought it was Ronaldo at first and ran out.

“At the time, I had a copy of FIFA 19 in my hand, which has Ronaldo as the cover star - I looked at it and compared it with Biwar, I couldn’t believe the resemblance.

“I stopped him and said he looks exactly like him and that with the right help and contacts there could be future in this for him, I just can’t believe no one has thought to help him before.

“He told me people have already noticed him walking around town and he gets shouts of Ronaldo wherever he goes.

“It helps that he is such a fan and loves football, so when people see him - he’s often in his favourite Juventus shirt which makes him look even more like his idol.”

Biwar doesn’t play for a club but when he does play football, he plays in the same position as his idol.

And he doesn’t support a club - he simply follows Ronaldo wherever he goes.

The 25-year-old even changes his hairstyle to suit the striker and buys similar clothes to him.

His dream? To gain media attention to meet his hero.

He told The Sun: “I am Kurdish, from northern Iraq, when I am at home I get a lot of attention, people stop me in the street and they ask for pictures, I don’t mind it, I always stop for people.

Most think I am Ronaldo straight away, it’s a nice feeling, I wish I had half the skill he does.


Photo credit: Glen Minikin - The Sun

“I do play football, I play in the same position as him and I wear the number seven shirt - just as he does. My dream is to one day meet him.

"Wayne Rooney has just signed for the local side - Derby County - so maybe he wants to link up with me as Cristiano is currently busy playing in Turin.

"I'm thankful to be in the UK and I am happy to have met Shane who is helping me to now achieve my dream, I'm just looking forward to seeing where this adventure takes us both."

Biwar and Shane plan to have a bit of fun with Biwar’s looks, pulling pranks and attending football games to spook fans into thinking their club have signed Cristiano Ronaldo.

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