Daniel Bryan reveals Roman Reigns' attacker on WWE SmackDown Live


WWE SmackDown Live ended this week with Daniel Bryan finally revealing who was the man that had been attacking Roman Reigns recently, but the reveal was a tad lackluster.

For weeks, many WWE fans had expected that Rowan was the superstar behind the attacks on Reigns, acting on behalf of Bryan.

However, when the attacker was finally revealed to The Big Dog, he was left feeling confused as SmackDown went off the air, just like the vast majority of people watching.

Bryan and Rowan revealed Reigns' mystery attacker to be a bearded man that looks just like Rowan.

Earlier on SmackDown, Bryan and Rowan lead the mystery man into a room, where they kept him throughout the show before unveiling him to Reigns before the show concluded.

An interesting note though is that the mystery man looked absolutely terrified once he had been revealed to The Big Dog, so perhaps not all is what it seems.

Many WWE fans on Twitter are not amused by the reveal on SmackDown, with many posting GIFs of confusion or frustration.

One fan said: "Soooo Rowan's twin uncle attacked Reigns?" Another fan added: "So disappointing. All the suspense all night for this?"

The most popular reaction to the reveal right now though has to be the classic Spider-Man seeing double meme.

As of writing, there's no word yet on who played the mystery man or where they are headed with this latest storyline twist.


Earlier in the night, Bryan faced off but lost in an incredible match against Buddy Murphy. Murphy had previously accused of Rowan being the superstar behind the recent attacks on The Big Dog.

It's unclear if the former Cruiserweight Champion is to stay involved in the storyline, but he's recently taking advantage of the screen time being given and is going over well with the fans.

It therefore wouldn't be surprising if WWE decides to keep him involved in the storyline over the next few weeks.

The belief right now though is that Reigns will take on either Rowan or Bryan at Clash of Champions next month.

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