Samantha Briggs is the latest victim of body shaming on social media platforms

Samantha Briggs

Despite being one of the fittest women in Britain, professional CrossFit athlete Samantha Briggs is often criticised for looking too masculine.

Speaking out on the issue, Samantha explains how she regularly receives negative comments online regarding her body appearance.

You get people who comment on your muscles. They say you look too big and you shouldn't look like that as a female. 

It seems a double standard that in a society where people actively talk about wanting to achieve abs, Samantha's are considered too much. 

The CrossFit Games is an athletic competition featuring the sports gymnastics, aerobics and weightlifting. In 2010, Samantha qualified for the CrossFit Games where she finished in 2nd place at the Europe Regional competition.

Three years later she won the Worldwide Open competition becoming CrossFit champion for the first time.

Before becoming a successful CrossFit athlete, Samantha Briggs played football as both centre back and midfielder in the Northern Premiership League and competed in duathlons and triathlons.

Aside from her sporting career, Samantha was a firefighter for West Yorkshire Fire-Rescue service.

In this climate of body shaming athletes, including recently targetted Eilish McColgan, Samantha is not concerned about weight loss or reaching a size 10. Instead, she is focused "on what the body can do, as opposed to what [she looks] like."

She would instead maintain strength and is less concerned with fitting into singular ideas of society's take on beauty.

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