Reddit user sparks debate: Will Lewis Hamilton be appreciated as much as Michael Schumacher?

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Reddit is often used as a platform for some great debates, and yesterday a question was asked by a user which sparked a controversial but fascinating discussion. 

Reddit user 'M3rdsta' asked in the r/formula1 subreddit: "Do you think we will view Lewis Hamilton in the same manner as we do with Michael Schumacher in a decade or so?"

Along with the question, they added: "I was re-watching 'Schumacher's Greatest Rivals: Alonso' and the way Alonso talks about Michael makes Michael seem legendary even during his career.

"With Lewis, I don't get that feeling with him, so I wanted to ask the older fans if you had this feeling with Michael."

Various subreddit members then went on to respond to this question, which led to a very interesting debate on the topic.

One fellow user responded: "I watched Michael Schumacher. I think we are going to talk about Hamilton the same way in a couple of years, I don't think it would take a decade."

Another then replied, saying: "He deserves it right now and is getting it deservedly so.

"However, much like artists, death brings an infamy, which is why certain drivers are remembered more than others.

"Hamilton, in this old person's eyes, is a great, and I'm not a fanboy - far from it. Much like people didn't like Senna, but still admire his greatness to this day."


Clearly, people hold very strong opinions on the topic.

Other users argued that Hamilton is already appreciated more than Schumacher due to various controversies which arose throughout the German's career. 

Some branded him a "dirty driver", while others argued that his scandals add to his legacy.

"It definitely doesn't make him look better, but it shows that he would go any lengths to win, even if unsportsmanlike.

"Without the scandals and bending the rule book, we would never have the Schumacher we got."


Though, this view appeared less popular amongst readers, as shown by multiple down-votes.

Looking into the future, one user said: "He may end up being viewed as even greater, particularly if he manages to stay competitive against the Verstappens and Leclercs in his late 30s."

Another interesting point which was made was: "In the motorsport circle, he will be remembered as the greatest. However, I don't think he will become as famous as Schumacher for a non-motorsport fan."

Other users seemed to agree with this, arguing: "Schumacher had more charisma, in the sense that he showed more emotions.

"Hamilton is calm and calculated, it makes a great driver, but a boring personality for the common guy."

The only thing certain about this debate is that there is no certain answer. Formula One fans, old and young, all have their own reasons for who they view as legends and who they don't, but it is great to see such healthy debate about two of the greatest Formula One drivers in history.

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