Sporting U17s scored after 12 seconds without even touching the ball


Every team has a different game-plan from the first whistle.

Some teams try and keep the ball at the start as they ease their way into the game.

Other sides decide to hoof it forward and hope their striker wins the header and they maintain possession.

If that fails, at the very least they would have gained territory and put their opponents under pressure.

Uniao Almeirim U17s decided to do the former against Sporting Lisbon's U17 side.

Sporting had beaten Almeirim 8-0 in 2018 but the away side decided to be positive from the outset and try and play their way into the game.

But it backfired spectacularly.

Sporting came flying out of the traps and pressured their opponents with high intensity.

Almeirim were forced back to the goalkeeper who tried to smash the ball up field and out of danger.

But, unfortunately for him, the ball took a massive bobble and he didn't make contact.

He was then powerless as the ball trickled into the net.

Watch it below:

Wow. The goal went in after just 12 seconds and meant the home side went 1-0 up without even touching the ball.

The goalkeeper looked completely devastated after his mistake.

He booted the ball up the field in frustration and then had to be consoled by one of his teammates.


What a disastrous start to a game. That's the worst start imaginable and it didn't get much better, too.

Sporting eventually won the game comfortably 4-0.

At least for Almeirim it was an improvement on the 8-0 drubbing they were given at the hands of Sporting the year before...

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