Every Premier League winner and table with the 'top six' removed from history

  • Kobe Tong

It seems pretty indisputable that Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United will comprise the Premier League’s top six this season.

Aside from arguably being the biggest clubs in the realm, they have dominated the top places to such an extent in recent seasons that they have become known as the ‘top six’ in their own right.

Sure, the likes of Leicester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers will be hoping to change that, but they have the disadvantage of much lower transfer budgets and far shallower squad depths.

And while Tottenham and Liverpool are still waiting for their first Premier League titles, the remaining four sides have won 25 of the 27 seasons that have taken place since the 1992 inauguration.

So, aside from Leicester and Blackburn Rovers’ anomalous victories, there hasn’t been that much variety in the Premier League champions.

The Premier League without the top six

That gave us an idea: what if the Premier League’s top six never competed? It’s an incredibly complicated question, but one made far easier by Transfermarkt’s customisable table tool.

We have removed the top six from every single season, thus eradicating any results or points that involved them, and seen how the tables would have played out in their absence.

The biggest winner is Everton with eight trophies, Newcastle are in second with six wins and then the likes of Norwich City, Burnley and Southampton pop up with surprise victories.

Check out the full breakdown of all 27 seasons down below:

2018-19: Watford

2017-18: Burnley

2016-17: Everton

2015-16: Leicester City

2014-15: Southampton

2013-14: Everton

2012-13: Everton

2011-12: Newcastle United

2010-11: Fulham

2009/10: Aston Villa

2008/09: Everton

2007/08: Everton

2006/07: Everton

2005/06: Newcastle United

2004/05: Everton

2003/04: Aston Villa

2002/03: Everton

2001/02: Newcastle United

2000/01: Ipswich Town

1999/00: Leeds United

1998/99: Leeds United

1997/98: Blackburn Rovers

1996/97: Aston Villa

1995/96: Newcastle United

1994/95: Blackburn Rovers

1993/94: Newcastle United

1992/93: Norwich City

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