Vince McMahon set to step back from running Raw and SmackDown with the return of the XFL

Vince McMahon

WWE fans of the Attitude Era may remember one of Vince McMahon's non-wrestling ventures that gained worldwide attention.

In 2001, the XFL was a football league that provided a stop-gap in-between the NFL and college football seasons, and was broadcasted as having fewer rules to adhere to than the two aforementioned entities.

But after a solid first week for the XFL, things soon nose-dived, with the general public not taking to the fact the league was majorly linked to WWE, which many obviously saw as a 'fake sport'.

The league only lasted one season due to NBC pulling out of showing the games, despite McMahon stating that the show would go on, and $35 million was lost on the investment of the league.

But in 2018 it was announced that the XFL was being revived, but it will not have the wrestling-inspired features - it will be run as a proper football league, and Vince has sold a lot of WWE stock to help fund it.

But how does a 73-year-old man juggle running a revived football league, and overseeing the creative direction of both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live?

The simple answer is that it doesn't happen.

Vince McMahon will not be present much going forward at Raw and SmackDowns

There's been much speculation over what's going to happen going forward, but Tom Colohue of SportsKeeda believes that McMahon is set to leave his day-to-day running of Monday and Tuesday nights behind him.

A source has told Colohue that Vince "doesn’t want to step away, he doesn’t want to let go, but it’s the right move. He’s got a great team and he has a lot of faith in them."

Colohue has stated he believes that Vince isn't walking away for good - he could never do that - but he will be overseeing the product 'at a distance'.

With Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff becoming Executive Directors of Raw and SmackDown respectively, it looks like the wheels are already in motion for life on the road to go on without Vince when the XFL gets up and running.

Paul Heyman is one of the men who is set to take a big role going forward in running Monday Night Raw

There were also reports that Triple H and Heyman sat at the top table in Raw's production meeting with McMahon not there, pointing towards what may look like the new running line-up for Monday nights going forward.

Vince not being there for shows much will most likely be greeted with much optimism, but it's likely he's still going to have a huge input creatively going forward, so don't hold out for huge changes in the long run.

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