WWE reportedly considering Las Vegas and Los Angeles to host WrestleMania 37 in 2021

Vince McMahon

WWE are always planning ahead when it comes to WrestleMania, and the location for them is usually announced just over a year in advance.

There was some surprise though when the Floridian city of Tampa was announced as the host city of WrestleMania 36.

It's no secret that WWE likes Florida, with Miami hosting in 2012 and Orlando being a multiple-time recipient of WWE's decision to bring 'Mania to their city.

The Sunshine State almost guarantees exactly that, and it also is in the right time zone to guarantee entrances that need darkness to have their full effect.

The last time WWE hit up the west coast of America for WrestleMania was 2015, where Seth Rollins walked out of Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

And if you want to believe the rumours, then Mania may be heading back west in 2021.

The highly-reputable WrestleVotes stated earlier today on Twitter that Los Angeles is once again being considered to host another WrestleMania, but Las Vegas is also on the table, as well as two unnamed locations.

A mock-up of the new Los Angeles Stadium, which could be hosting WrestleMania in 2021

LA last hosted the show in 2005 inside the Staples Center, and also housed the event in 1991 and 1986, but a brand-new huge stadium is currently under construction that will be the home arena of two NFL teams, and can seat an initial 70,000 people, but can be expanded for up-to 100,000.

Vegas is another former host city, with Caesars Palace playing host to WrestleMania 9, seeing Hulk Hogan walk out as WWF Champion.

But like Los Angeles, Vegas currently has a huge stadium under construction - the Allegiant Stadium - which is expected to be completed by July 2020, and will house the Raiders NFL franchise.

The design of the new Las Vegas Stadium, which is due to open in July 2020 and is also being considered for WrestleMania 37

It will be able to hold 65,000 people but can expand to 72,000, and Vegas will be seen as many as first choice to a lot of fans who can splash out for 'Mania, and maybe more important the fact it will be a domed stadium could help for entrances.

Spare a thought for the British fans though, who are still longing for the day that London is considered as a venue.

Wembley Stadium, or any big UK stadium, is crying out for a huge event to be put on by WWE, but unlike Australia and Saudi Arabia, the government will not be funding such a venture.

London was included in a WWE survey earlier this year to gauge opinions on potential WrestleMania locations, but there's no concrete plans to take WrestleMania across the pond as of now.

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