Kurt Angle says AEW needs to realise they'll always be number two to WWE


We're not that far away from the official start of the Wednesday Night Wars between WWE and AEW, but Kurt Angle believes AEW will always be number two to WWE.

AEW's weekly show will begin on October 2 on TNT, while WWE's NXT will go live on the USA Network from September 18.

While there are some fans that believe AEW can eventually give WWE a run for their money, especially in terms of TV ratings and live show attendances, Kurt Angle disagrees.

During a recent Facebook Q&A, Angle was asked about AEW and how their current rise compares to TNA's rise during the 2000s.

The Olympic Hero said he sees the similarities between the two promotions, but stated AEW must realise they will always be number two to WWE.

He said, via NoDQ: “I see some similarities. AEW has a very long road ahead of them. I know that the talent there is up for a challenge. They can succeed if done right, but AEW will need to realize they will always be #2.

"WWE is way too big and has way too many years behind them for a new company to step in and take over the top spot. I recall when TNA tried to compete against WWE on Monday nights.

"I told the TNA office that we will never beat WWE. I told them we should realize that we’re #2 and should be happy with it.

"AEW has a tough road. Can they succeed? Yes. Will they beat WWE in ratings and arena ticket sales? No.”


When AEW's weekly show goes live in October, it will be the first time WWE has had serious weekly competition on the same night they're broadcasting since the days of the Monday Night Wars vs WCW during the 1990s.

Wrestlers and officials linked to AEW have constantly said they're not looking to compete with WWE, and WWE officials and superstars have constantly said AEW is not their competition.

However, most wrestling fans have come to the conclusion that this isn't the case due to the moves both promotions have made over the past couple of months to try and get one over on the other.

People like Angle may think that WWE will always be number one ahead of AEW, but both brands are certainly making the moves to try and be the promotion standing at the top of the wrestling mountain in the years to come.

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