WWE brand split to be reinforced when SmackDown moves to Fox


WWE fans that are fans of the brand split will be glad to hear that it's expected to go back into full effect later this year once SmackDown Live moves to Fox, bringing an end to the Wild Card.

Back in May, Vince McMahon introduced the Wild Card rule to WWE, which allowed superstars from Monday Night Raw and SmackDown to appear on the opposite brands they were assigned to.

Up to four wrestlers are allowed to appear on the opposing brand's show by invitation for one night only, and unsanctioned appearances will be penalized with a fine or termination.

WWE hasn't always abided by these rules. As a result, some midcard superstars have hardly seen any TV time in recent months due to bigger name Raw/SmackDown superstars appearing on both shows each and every week.

However, according to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com, via NoDQ, that all could soon be about to change when SmackDown moves to Fox in October.

Meltzer said: “I was told hard split after the first week [of October] because the first SmackDown show everyone will be on and then after that, it's supposed to be a hard split. Look, everything changes based on Vince’s whims.”

Many fans will be hoping that this report does turn out to be true once October rolls around, as it will give midcard level superstars more opportunities to show what they can do in a WWE ring.

Arguably, the biggest casualties of the Wild Card rule have been the women that compete in the Women's Tag Team division, as the actual Women's Tag Team titles have hardly been defended due to lack of storyline booking.


However, things have improved in recent weeks for a lot of midcard superstars, especially for the Women's Tag Team division, since Paul Heyman became the Executive Director of Raw.

When SmackDown moves to Fox in October later this year, WWE fans will be happy to know it probably means the Wild Card rule is coming to an end as well as the company goes back to reinforcing the brand split.

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