Cody Rhodes is 'oddly intrigued' to see what WWE will do with NXT on USA Network


Cody Rhodes is going to be leading the charge for AEW on Wednesday nights, and he's 'oddly intrigued' by what WWE's NXT will bring to the table on the same night each week.

Earlier this week, WWE announced that NXT would be moving from their own WWE Network to the USA Network and that it will also be broadcasted live each and every week from September 18.

NXT will be broadcasted live on the same week night as AEW and their weekly show, which will be broadcasted on TNT from October 2.

During an interview with Bleacher Report, Rhodes reflected on NXT's move to the USA Network and what it means overall for AEW and wrestling.

He is 'oddly intrigued' by what NXT will produce each night as the move officially transitions the brand away from a developmental brand.

The AEW executive vice president said: “I think the most important night in all of wrestling is now Wednesday nights. The best wrestling is going to be happening on Wednesday nights.

"It’s destination TV, and when’s the last time wrestling was destination TV? It’s now must-watch, and I’m not going to complain about that…Wrestling fans now have a choice, and I hope they choose us."

Rhodes continued: “I’m oddly intrigued to see what Vince McMahon does with NXT. My dad was instrumental in building the NXT brand. For a long time, It had been a developmental project.

"For Vince to now bring it to the USA Network as if it’s a full brand, I’m just intrigued by it.”


For some time now, WWE fans have thought along the same lines as Cody, as they believe NXT is now its own brand, rather than a training ground for superstars before they move to Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live.

Overall though, it looks like Rhodes is fully endorsing a full-out wrestling war between AEW and NXT on Wednesday nights. A Wednesday Night War. A night he calls the most important night in wrestling.

We'll have to wait and see exactly what AEW and NXT can produce each week. Competition usually brings the best out of everyone, so it should be top quality content for all wrestling fans to enjoy.

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