Student goes viral for naming Cristiano Ronaldo as the GOAT in French exam

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Just imagine if there was a GCSE about football...

Instead of spending hours writing about osmosis and Shakespeare, we could have been motoring our way through Premier League trivia and correctly identifying club badges.

When it came to the higher-mark questions, exam boards could have set devious essay questions such as: who was the greatest out of Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard?

However, we all know that the toughest question in any hypothetical football exam would be deciding the greatest of all-time or the 'GOAT' as it has become more commonly known.

But even though Ahmed Nabil, 15, didn't have the opportunity to sit that dream GCSE, that didn't stop him from incorporating football and the GOAT debate into one of his exams.

Hilarious exam answer

That's because the student went viral on Twitter for uploading a French test that he failed two years ago, showing his hilarious answer of 'un Ronaldo' beneath an image of a goat.

We've all been tempted to put a similarly witty response when we've been flummoxed by an exam question, but seldom has anyone thought of one worthy of nearly 5,000 re-tweets.

Speaking to SportBible about the viral image, Nabil explained: "For me personally, it was a very hard test and one of the sections was: write the meaning of every animal we show you but in French.


Declared Ronaldo as the GOAT

"I couldn't remember what a goat was called in French, so I thought I'd do something creative and make a couple of my mates laugh instead of just leaving it empty.

"If anyone asks me who I think is the goat is, I'll tell him them Ronaldo but deep down I'm not that sure. Sometimes I think that Messi is better but because of my bias, the former United player is the greatest."

Nabil went on to confirm that he failed the exam by a single mark and thus, had he remembered the French word for a goat, he wouldn't have gone viral for his exploits.

However, the Ronaldo-goat situation wasn't his only hilarious response and after the teacher accidentally included an empty box, he decided to take aim at Arsenal's Mesut Ozil. 

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"The other blank box was a mistake by the teacher, so I thought I'd continue my 'football themed' answer and write Ozil," the student continued.

"When the teacher finally gave me the exam she literally had no reaction. I don't think she even knew who Ronaldo and Ozil was, so she didn't tell me anything afterwards."

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