WWE spokesperson: 'Perhaps you’ll ask AEW about counter-programming NXT?'


When the Wednesday Night Wars kickoff later this year, it will see WWE's NXT face-off with AEW on the same night for wrestling fan's attention. In the eyes of WWE though, they were in the Wednesday spot first.

Earlier this week, WWE announced that NXT would be moving from their own WWE Network to the USA Network and that it will also be broadcasted live each and every week from September 18.

NXT will be broadcasted live on the same weeknight as AEW and their weekly show, which will be broadcasted on TNT from October 2. AEW announced this earlier than WWE's NXT move.

However, in the eyes of WWE, it's AEW that is producing the counter-programming to NXT.

David Bixenspan of Deadspin reached out to WWE for a comment regarding their apparent counter-programming of AEW on TNT, but the WWE spokesperson flipped the script.

The spokesperson said, via Fightful: “The premise to your story is wrong. NXT has been on Wednesday nights since 2015 [sic] as I’m sure you know."

They also added: "It isn’t called counter-programming if you continue to air a series on the same day/time as it has been on for nearly five years. Perhaps you’ll ask AEW about counter-programming NXT?”

While the argument made here is valid since NXT has been around for longer, it has also always been a part of the WWE Network streaming service which allows fans to watch it at any time.


The move to the USA Network and going live every Wednesday puts them head to head with AEW, whereas staying on the WWE Network really wouldn't. So effectively, AEW made the spot their own first.

However, the underlying issue that needs to be addressed is the emotional response to the question, as it shows WWE is taking this threat from AEW very seriously, and that the Wednesday Night War is very real for them.


Cody Rhodes has already dubbed Wednesday night the most important night in wrestling today. We'll have to wait and see exactly what AEW and NXT can produce each week.

Competition tends to bring the best out of everyone, so there should be excellent quality content for all wrestling fans to enjoy in NXT and AEW.

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