Mike Tyson says that Conor McGregor is a 'really kind man' and deserves a second chance

Mike Tyson and Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has become public enemy number one in recent weeks after his latest saga was published in the media.

A video from a pub back in his home country of Ireland showed McGregor appear to strike an elderly man who was sat at a bar, before McGregor was quickly ushered away by his entourage.

This happened in April, and UFC President Dana White confirmed last week that he already knew of the incident, but the footage had only just come out.

It's sparked outrage in the press and on social media, with various theories cropping up as to why the 'Notorious' decided to strike the man, seemingly unprovoked.

McGregor issued a public apology earlier this week whilst speaking to ESPN's Ariel Helwani, stating that he was completely to blame for everything and that a man in his position can't be acting like he did.

The apology isn't enough for some, but McGregor does have support in some sporting circles, and a man who is no stranger to controversy.

Conor McGregor has recently issued a public apology for an attack on a man in Ireland

'Iron' Mike Tyson was approached by TMZ on the streets of New York City recently and was asked about McGregor's actions and apology, and he has completely sided with the MMA superstar.

"He's a wonderful person. He's a really kind man and he's gonna get good karma for that," said Tyson. "I believe that - he's earned it."

Ardent McGregor fans will have forgiven him already but even some of his big supporters have lost faith in his ability to stay out of trouble, and Tyson's comments are bound to not go down well with the general public.

Mike Tyson, pictured with UFC President Dana White, believes good karma is coming for McGregor

Then again, Mike and Conor are good friends and smoked weed together in 2018, so is it really a surprise that he would defend him?

It's going to take a lot of work for McGregor to build up a positive public perception of himself going forward, and his UFC career is still uncertain.

He doesn't even have to return to the Octagon when you take into account the money he has already made, but he may now need a huge win over someone to get people talking about him in a positive light once again.

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