FOX Sports presenter Rob Stone wins 24/7 Title from R-Truth then immediately loses it to Elias

Rob Stone

Like it or not, the 24/7 Championship is getting big social media numbers for WWE.

Since its inception in May, the belt has split opinion, but two men have made it somewhat entertaining on a weekly basis - R-Truth and the 205 Live GM Drake Maverick.

The two have had a running feud for several months over the title - and the latter has struggled to 'consummate his marriage' in the process - but the comedy value of Truth's character makes it work perfectly.

Several superstars have tried and failed to interject themselves into the rivalry, but recently 'The Drifter' Elias has been successful, and became a three-time champion last week on the Raw after SummerSlam.

Truth had to wait 11 days to win his 'baby' back - a long time in 24/7 Title time - as he crashed the FOX Sports Founders Day where Elias was performing, but only after a distraction from Maverick.

But history was made later on in the day yesterday when a non-WWE talent won the title for the first time ever.

R-Truth became a 13-time 24/7 Champion yesterday but quickly lost the title

Truth bumped on to the set of the FOX College Football pregame show, where he was trying to run from Elias, before he tripped over and landed on the ground.

The wily old presenter Rob Stone though sought the opportunity to pin Truth to the ground, and with a referee present, he became the first non-wrestler to win the 24/7 Title.

Rob Stone defeated R-Truth to become the 24/7 Champion on the FOX Sports set

His reign would last merely seconds though, as Elias snuck back in with the roll-up to start his fourth stint as champion.

Once again, with over 5,000 likes on Twitter the video has done big numbers for WWE, and will have positively promoted FOX with SmackDown's move to the network on the horizon.

With Truth now being a 13-time champion though, he only needs four more wins to break Ric Flair and John Cena's record of a 16-time champion.

Of course the 24/7 Championship isn't a world title, but there's bound to be a big celebration for Truth when he hits the milestone - and we cannot wait for that day.

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