Everton fan thinks Liverpool have been 'doping' their players

Jurgen Klopp’s first message upon his arrival at Liverpool was that he hopes to turn the fans from ‘doubters to believers.’

It’s fair to say that every Liverpool fan is well and truly a believer now.

Having reached back-to-back Champions League finals – winning last season’s competition – and racking up 97 points in the Premier League last season, the whole atmosphere has changed at Anfield.

When Klopp took over, the Reds weren’t even a Champions League side. Now they’re dominating the competition.

How has he done it?

Well, his incredible record in the transfer window has helped transform the club – as well as improving the players that were already at the club.

However, one Everton fan isn’t buying it.

Instead, he’s come up with a crazy theory suggesting that Liverpool have actually been ‘doping’ their players.

On an online Everton forum with the thread titled ‘Thank god for Man City,’ one Toffees supporter has claimed that Liverpool may be giving their players steroids.

No, seriously.

They begin: “The steds [steroids] thing is something I’ve thought for a while, wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if a doping scandal comes out about them in a few years.”

They then made examples of Luis Suarez, Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah (or ‘No salad’ as autocorrect has changed it to), Virgil van Dijk and even Divock Origi.

They also touch on the fact Liverpool play ‘high-intensity football’ and yet ‘never seem knackered or injured.’

Imagine being so bitter that your rivals are quite good at football that you go to the lengths of trying to come up with a wild theory.

You’ve really got to credit his imagination, though.

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