Daniel Bryan & Kofi Kingston hit the GTS on each other after WWE fans in Peru chant for CM Punk

Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan

He may have been gone from WWE and wrestling as a whole for well over five years now, but CM Punk's name continues to be chanted on a weekly basis.

Punk leaving the company in early 2014 was acrimonious to say the very least, and their relationship got even worse when WWE served up his termination papers on the day of his wedding to former Divas Champion AJ Lee.

So there's really no love lost between both parties, however there's the slim chance we may see Punk linking up with WWE again in the future - just not working directly for them.

With SmackDown Live moving to FOX in October, there's a chance that there will be a studio show after SmackDown is broadcast for one hour, and Punk's agent reached out to FOX about working for them in a presenter/analyst capacity.

It would certainly be a bit of a different move but Punk doesn't seem to want to get back into the ring for any promotion in the near future, but it won't stop WWE fans from chanting for him.

Numerous people have tried and failed to stop Punk chants - the best one was probably Stephanie McMahon's mocking of his debut performance in UFC, where she said the chants lasted longer than he did against Mickey Gall.

Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston though found a different way to shut them down at a WWE live event in Lima, Peru.

CM Punk chants from the WWE crowd have been ongoing since his 2014 departure

After Bryan yelled 'Who's the best?' to the Peruvian crowd, Punk's name reverberated around the arena.

And to stop those chants, Bryan hit Kingston with not one, but TWO of Punk's finisher - the GTS - but the WWE Champion kicked out at one.

As you can see from the video below, Bryan went for a third, but it was reversed by Kofi into a GTS of his own.

The fans in Peru liked it, and seemingly so did social media - in-fact the man who originated the move, KENTA aka former NXT and 205 Live star Hideo Itami - tweeted to remind everyone it is his finisher originally.

Imagine if a superstar resorts to using the GTS on Raw or SmackDown to stop the Punk chants - it would certainly be an interesting reaction. 

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