WWE fans aren't happy with Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler earning Raw Tag Team title shot


WWE announced two new matches for Clash of Champions on Monday Night Raw this week, but it's the choice of a tag team for the Raw Tag Team title match that fans are unhappy about.

WWE revealed two title matches for Clash of Champions on Raw. One was for the Universal Championship, and the other was for the Raw Tag Team Championship.

Seth Rollins will defend his Universal title vs Braun Strowman at the pay-per-view on September 15, but the two will also defend their Raw Tag Team titles vs the winner of Raw's Tag Team Turmoil match, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler.

Roode and Ziggler became the new number one contenders by beating the other 7 teams in the Tag Team Turmoil match.

These teams included former champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, The Revival, The B Team, The Lucha House Party, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, The Viking Raiders, and Heavy Machinery, who Roode and Ziggler pinned last.

What has fans annoyed is that they've once again just randomly put two superstars together and made them a tag team when they already have a tag team division filled with talent that's waiting for their opportunity.

Roode and Ziggler managed to beat the other teams in the match easily despite never having wrestled with one another as a team before.

Every other team that was in the Tag Team Turmoil match last night had been together for at least a couple of months, and there were other teams not even considered for the match such as, The Street Profits, The Ascension, AOP, and The Usos.


Yet, it's Roode and Ziggler that will face Rollins and Strowman for the Raw Tag Team titles at Clash of Champions, and some fans are annoyed.

One fan said: "What The F--k Is This Random Ass Ziggler & Roode Team? 🤨 Where The F--k Are The Ascension, AOP And The Usos? Why The F--k Don’t The Street Profits Wrestle On RAW???"

Another fan said: "To the Roode and Ziggler fans, it's nothing against them individually, my problem is a team that has been thrown together for 1 day winning 3 falls, and ultimately the final fall in a tag team gauntlet match holds zero credibility and degrades the tag team division to nothing."

Another fan questioned if she could just throw names of two random superstars and if they could be a tag team and immediately be good enough to challenge for the Raw Tag Team titles.

Not everyone is against the Roode and Ziggler tag team, but the vast majority of fans are unhappy that they've found their way to the top of the tag team division so easily after just one night tag teaming together.

However, the same could be said about Rollins and Strowman after they won the Raw Tag Team titles last week after tag teaming together for the first time.

Fans will likely be even more frustrated if Roode and Ziggler go on to win the Raw Tag Team titles at Clash of Champions next month, but we'll have to wait and see if WWE decides to go in this direction.  

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