Mateo Messi accidentally celebrates during Barcelona v Real Betis - Luis Suarez reacts

  • Rob Swan

There’s a running joke on social media that Mateo Messi always wants his dad’s team Barcelona to lose.

This stems from an interview that Lionel gave to TyC Sports earlier this summer, in which the legendary forward revealed that his son teases him if Barça are defeated.

“We were playing at home and he told me: ‘I’ll be Liverpool because they beat you,” Messi revealed. “He did the same with Valencia. “Valencia beat you, eh? I’m a Valencia fan.”

He added: “They’ll be watching it on TV and he’ll cheer when Real Madrid score to upset his brother (Thiago). He acts like he’s a Madrid fan!”

You might have seen Mateo Photoshopped into the shirts of Barça’s opponents, or tweets showing him laughing after the Catalan giants suffer a poor result, and this is why.

Subsequently, Twitter went crazy over the weekend after footage emerged from the Barça’s 5-2 victory over Real Betis, which appeared to show three-year-old Mateo celebrating a goal scored by the visitors at Camp Nou.

This wasn’t the case – he simply celebrated accidentally following a Barça attack, believing the home side had scored – but it’s still a sweet video.

What makes the video, though, is the reaction of Luis Suarez.

The Uruguayan forward was sat in the stands with his son alongside Messi and his eldest children Thiago and Mateo.

After Mateo celebrated, 32-year-old Suarez didn’t let the little’un off the hook.

Watch the footage here…

Poor kid!

His dad also found out funny but was there to give his son a hug, presumably telling him that it happens to the best of us.

We’ve all prematurely celebrated a goal – whether inside the stadium or in front of the TV – and been left a little red-faced.

You’re by no means alone, Mateo.

The young Messi and every other Barça supporters did, however, have five goals to celebrate.

Antoine Griezmann helped himself to a brace on his Camp Nou debut, while further goals from Carles Perez, Jordi Alba and Arturo Vidal completed the rout.

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