UEFA want to introduce a 14-game group stage in the Champions League

UEFA want a 14-game group stage in the Champions League

UEFA are planning to make drastic changes to the current setup of the Champions League.

The competition is the biggest club tournament in world football and brings in a ridiculous amount of money.

And to further increase profits, UEFA want to introduce a 14-game group stage, per The Sun.

They also want to introduce a third-tier European competition, increasing the overall amount of continental fixtures per season from 407 to 647

The plan - spearheaded by Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli - would offer more opportunities to make profit from broadcasters and sponsors.

But the prospect of such a busy group stage for English teams would be seriously detrimental to the League Cup.

The Premier League is determined to keep 20 teams and the European Clubs association (ECA) have backed away from demanding that the added fixtures be played on the weekends.

That means the only way English teams could cope with the workload would be withdrawing from the League Cup - or fielding one of their youth teams.

While most sides field slightly weaker lineups in the competition, the prospect of playing Liverpool or Manchester City's youth teams is not exactly appealing for anyone.

Liverpool won the Champions League in 2018/19

It would make the tournament easier to win for smaller sides, but surely no one wants to reduce the importance of one of English football's most prestigious trophies?

An insider told The Sun: “This is a sign the biggest clubs recognise the importance of English football as a whole.

“They are not fighting for themselves — they would potentially earn more money from Europe.

“But they know it would damage the Premier League, the EFL, even the National League. It is about helping to keep the whole game alive.”

Man City are the current holders of the League Cup

UEFA and the ECA know that without the support of the Premier League's top dogs, their proposals for a revamp in 2024 will not come to fruition.

But if the English sides are swayed by the lucrative financial packages the ECA can offer, the fight to save the League Cup could come to a very abrupt end.

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