Carli Lloyd: US Women's football star could play NFL preseason game

A week after proving her kicking prowess at an NFL training session, US Soccer star Carli Lloyd has been offered a kicking place on an undisclosed NFL team.

Lloyd’s trainer, James Galanis, revealed the news after a clip of the footballer slotting a 55-yard field goal made the rounds on social media last week whilst training with the Philadelphia Eagles.

It has since emerged that Lloyd has received multiple offers from various NFL teams interested in signing the star, who featured in the FIFA World Cup earlier this summer. 

“Today, she got another call from another NFL team. The one that called today, I don’t want to say who it is, was willing to put her on the roster for their next (game). They were willing to put her on the roster.”

Galanis told Fox News: “She was told she could play on Thursday, the NFL game, but she is playing Thursday with the national team, so that was the conflict.”

Lloyd has spoken seriously about the offers and a switch over to American Football could be on the cards for the two-time World Cup champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist and two-time FIFA Player of the Year.  

If the 37-year-old signs up she will be the first woman to play in a pre-season or regular-season NFL game.

“I think anything is possible. It’s been really interesting because, for me, I’m just an athlete, I’m a competitor. But for so many other people, I think they’re starting to think will there ever be a female in the NFL at some point. And I think we’re kind of at that crossroads as far as equality and just women empowerment so you’re kind of being in the crosshairs of that. 

“I’ve definitely got some inquiries, I’ve definitely got some people talking. Anything is possible but right now, I’m strictly a soccer player and we’ll see what the future hold,” Lloyd told Sports Illustrated.

The USWNT play on Thursday in a friendly against Portugal so for now, Carli Lloyd will remain a football star – but who knows, she might just feature in the NFL one of these days.

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