AEW will not have traditional babyface and heel characters


AEW is doing everything it can to make itself a viable alternative to WWE in every way, from the number of shows they do, to the way they build their characters and storylines.

Traditionally in wrestling, you have your wrestlers that are babyfaces, and your wrestlers that are heels. That won't be the case in AEW.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, via Ringside News, AEW will not be using the traditional babyfaces and heels in their programming. 

Meltzer said: "The thing is that they’re not doing heel/babyface. It’s just like they just do everyone’s a heel and everyone’s a babyface.

“When it comes to most of the guys Cody can be a heel or a babyface at any time. The Young Bucks can be heels or babyfaces.

"The general rule is they’re not like just because someone is gonna be heelish in a promo that’s just what they want."

AEW will still have some wrestlers like Chris Jericho and MJF that will be outright heels, but the vast majority of their roster will not be either a babyface or a heel.


An example of this no traditional babyfaces and heels in action was shown when AEW released a video showing Kenny Omega's reaction to Jon Moxley pulling out of their match at All Out due to an injury.

Omega laid into Moxley despite him previously showing babyface behaviours, posting a sentimental message on Twitter about the 'boo-boo' on his elbow while also saying that Moxley owes him and the fans an apology.

Meltzer broke down this promo from The Cleaner, stating the heelish promo was done to build heat for a future clash between him and Moxley.

He said: "I don’t think Kenny Omega being a heel is a good idea, but as far as the match goes, Moxley and Omega would probably get the fans cheering for both guys anyway. So, you know they just wanted to build heat.”

Omega will now face PAC at All Out instead, but his match vs Moxley is still expected to happen, with the rumoured future date being the night of AEW's first weekly show on October 2.

AEW is blurring the lines between babyfaces and heels to make their programming different to WWE, and it could turn out to be a key factor in the upcoming Wednesday Night Wars.

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