Bury midfielder Stephen Dawson forced to sell house after EFL kick club out of league

Bury v Huddersfield Town - Pre Season Friendly

It’s hard not to feel immensely sad for Bury fans after their club were expelled by the English Football League on Tuesday.

The 134-year-old club became the first team to drop out of the EFL since Maidstone’s liquidation in 1992 after a takeover bid from C&N Sporting Risk collapsed.

Bury supporters were understandably devastated by the news, with those inside Gigg Lane breaking down in tears when their worst fears were realised.

League One will now continue with only 23 clubs until the end of the current season.

Bury’s existing players, meanwhile, will be forced to look for employment with other clubs.

One of those players is Stephen Dawson, the 33-year-old Irish midfielder who joined the Shakers from Scunthorpe United two years ago.

He spoke to talkSPORT on Wednesday morning and, in an emotional interview, revealed that he’s now being forced to sell his house.

He is also worried about telling his kids that their childhood home is being sold.

Future Of Bury Football Club In The Balance

“I’ve been onto the mortgage adviser this morning because that is the end,” Dawson told talkSPORT’s Jim White. “I’ll have to sell my house.

“There’s no two ways about it now, that is it for me.

“I’ve played my whole career and put everything into my house and my kids to give them a start in life when they are 18, whether that be a deposit for a house or money for college.

“I don’t have the fancy cars or the fancy clothes as I was never in a position to earn the thousands and thousands the really good players earn.

Bury v Huddersfield Town - Pre Season Friendly

“I’ve done it just for my family and myself as I love playing but it’s utterly heartbreaking. How do I say to my little girls that they are going to have to leave the home they grew up in?

“I’m struggling to come to terms with everything that is going on, to be honest.”

Dawson says he’ll be approaching the Professional Footballers’ Association [PFA] - who have stepped in to provide help to Bury’s unpaid players over the last few months - now that the club have been kicked out of the football league.

“As players we’ve got to get answers now and we’ll be asking for help from the PFA because again we won’t be getting paid,” he added.

Bury Football Club Expelled From The English Football League After 125 Years

“We’ll be looking for answers from the EFL about how this has all played out and how it’s been allowed to play out for so long when the concerns for us were there months and months ago.

“This hasn’t been happening for a couple of weeks, this has been going on for months!”

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