UFC Hall of Famer BJ Penn knocked out during fight in Hawaii

UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez v Penn

Ultimate Fighting Championship star BJ Penn lost his cool and got involved in two fights with the same bloke in Pahoa recently while being out on a visit to a nightclub.

Penn and controversy seem to go hand-in-hand these days with him getting himself into such scenarios time and time again.

It was reported around two months ago that Penn had an alleged physical altercation with a bouncer, so it should come as no surprise that he's got himself into more trouble away from the Octagon.

In the first of the two short clips, published by TMZ, the MMA Hall of Famer can be heard shouting at the shirtless man to hit him, and the guy did not disappoint as he was quick to deliver two massive punches to the face.

As a result, Penn hit the floor flat on his back, with the bystanders helping him to get back to his feet a few moments later.

However, the brawl did not end there, as the second footage clearly showed Penn charging towards that same individual, mounting on top of him, and as the man laid on his stomach, the 40-year-old started throwing blows to his head.

Penn did not spare the security as well, lashing out at them who were trying to intervene.

TMZ further reported that no arrests were made in connection to the incident, although law enforcement was alerted of the situation.

Both videos have gone viral and mixed martial arts fans across the globe have taken to social media to express their displeasure with Penn’s actions and the amount of trouble he gets himself into.

The lightweight legend has lost seven straight fights in the Octagon, with his last victory coming way back in 2010.

Penn is scheduled to take on Nik Lentz which could be his swansong in UFC, however, the official confirmation regarding the date is yet to be announced.

After his latest controversy away from the cage, it wouldn't be surprise if Dana White had had enough of him for good.

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