Manchester City's 2018/19 team ranked as the Premier League's greatest ever side

Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester City - Premier League

Manchester City's current line-up are frequently described as the best side in Premier League history. 

With a squad market value of £1.27billion, you'd expect nothing less. 

However, the dominance of Pep Guardiola's side is not just about silverware.

It's the way they play, the Catalan creating arguably the most well-oiled, creative side that most of us have ever seen, at least on these shores. 

Naturally, it's very difficult to compare them to previous champions. 

The game has changed immensely over the past 20 years or so and many other sides haven't had the advantages that City have boasted in terms of financial muscle. 

Nevertheless, reddit user Tsubasa_sama has put the graft in to determine just how City shape up against some of the top flight's best ever teams. 

To do that, they simulated 10,000 seasons using some of the best sides, together with - purely for the sake of the experiment, we assume - the Derby County side from 2007-08 who earned a record-low 11 points. 

Each team was measured for their home attack, home defence, away attack, and away defence. They were then compared against how the average team fared that season in terms of goals scored, goals conceded at home and away. 


A huge amount of work has evidently gone into the formula and it's come out with some fascinating results. In short, the main takeaway is that Man City's 2018/19 XI are in fact the best ever Premier League side. 

Better than the Invincibles?

Yes, clearly, as Arsenal's unbeaten 2003/04 champions are 13th in the table.

Jose Mourinho's Chelsea (2004/05) are second, and Tottenham in their final season at White Hart Lane (2016/17) are ranked sixth in the best ever teams, despite not actually winning anything that year. 

Chelsea v Charlton

It also shows Alex Ferguson's finest Manchester United side was in 2007/08, though that Red Devils outfit is still only ranked fifth. 

See the full table below: 

The PL's 'best ever' sides ranked 


The United side from Ferguson's final season have been shown up here. 

It's better news for Liverpool, whose fans knew too well last season that they were watching a historic XI even if they only came second. 

A more sobering thought is just how much the 'big six' have dominated. Blackburn and Leicester are the only teams outside that bracket to have won the Premier League and it's hard to envisage that changing any time soon. 

In the meantime, enjoy Guardiola's City. We really are witnessing something special. 

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