Steve Austin appearing at WWE Raw at MSG due to low ticket sales


Stone Cold Steve Austin has been booked for WWE's Madison Square Garden episode of Monday Night Raw on September 9 in New York City.

This will be the third time Austin has appeared on Raw over the past few months after also appearing on the Raw Reunion show as well as during Skype call to talk about how Seth Rollins dethroned Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

When the news of another Stone Cold appearance was announced by WWE earlier this week, fans initial thoughts on the move were that WWE is booking Austin for the show to sell more tickets.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Wrestling Inc. this is exactly the case. In fact, WWE's MSG shows aren't even close to selling out.

As of writing, the Raw at MSG show isn't sold out, as tickets at various price ranges are still available to purchase. Tickets are still available for the SmackDown Live show the following night as well despite WWE advertising The Undertaker for the show.

Ticketmaster shows plenty of RAW tickets left at $31, $51, $71, $86, $106, $156, $181, $206, $231, $356, $381, $481, $506, $656, and two at $1,606 each.

Ticketmaster currently has SmackDown seats left at $31, $51, $71, $86, $106, $156, $171, $206, $221, $311, $356, $506 and $656.

The Observer also added that WWE selling out Raw is very important to the company as they want to try to keep AEW out of the picture from being able to run The Garden.


AEW won't begin producing their weekly shows until October 2, but momentum is already on their side. If their weekly shows start off strong, WWE will have some serious competition when it comes to fan attention.

WWE's response to this is to book legends for their Raw and SmackDown shows, but it's clear that WWE needs to start building new legends out of the roster they have in order to combat any move AEW makes.

The Raw MSG show takes place six days before Clash of Champions, so it will be interesting to see exactly how WWE decides to book Austin into any of their current storylines for the show.

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