Dean Saunders was told 'you can't even stand up' by police in shocking footage of his arrest


Former footballer Dean Saunders was jailed earlier this month for refusing to give a breath test after being pulled over by the police on suspicion of drink-driving. 

Saunders, 55, was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison but has since been released on unconditional bail after serving just one day, pending an appeal against his sentence. 

The ex-Welsh international, who played for the likes of Liverpool and Aston Villa, committed the offense back in May. 

The Crown Prosecution Service has since released new police footage of the incident, which shows how Saunders reacted to being stopped.

After approaching the car, a police officer said: "Your driving is atrocious, have you had any alcohol?" to which the BT Sport pundit replied, "I've had one pint."

"You can't even stand up", the officer added, before Saunders responded: "Why are you saying I can't stand up?"

Later on, the clip cuts to another exchange inside a police station, where the 55-year-old asks: "Am I getting myself in more trouble by not doing it [the breath test]?"

"It has been explained to you but you have consistently refused to provide a sample," the policeman replied. You can watch the full video below. 

According to the BBC, Saunders said he had been at Chester Races and had drunk two pints the evening before his car was stopped.

His lawyer also said the alcohol might have 'interacted' with the medication the former footballer takes for injuries to his knees and for his asthma.

District Judge Nicholas Sanders said Saunders was 'arrogant' and thought he was 'above the law' before his sentence was handed down. 


"Throughout these proceedings you have shown yourself to be arrogant, thinking you are someone whose previous and current role in the public eye entitles you to be above the law.

"In fact the opposite is true - someone in the public eye should expect a deterrent sentence when they flout the law."

On top of his jail sentence, Saunders was also banned from driving for 30 months and fined £620 for the offense. 

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