Romelu Lukaku fires back at Gary Neville after he questioned his professionalism

Romelu Lukaku has fired back at Gary Neville

Big things were expected from Romelu Lukaku when he joined Manchester United from Everton for £75 million in 2017.

But, after scoring 42 times in 96 games, he left the club to join Inter Milan this summer.

Many United fans were happy to see him go - including Gary Neville.

The former United player launched some stinging criticism the Belgian forward's way shortly after leaving.

“The idea of a player being overweight for me is unforgivable. There’s no excuse for not being fit," Neville said earlier this month, per the Telegraph.

“If Manchester United are trying to set a new tone and culture through the club, which Ole is trying to do, any lack of professionalism has got to be stamped upon.

"He [Lukaku] didn’t want to be here anyway. Romelu Lukaku has admitted himself that he was overweight so he has removed all doubt.”

Neville later hit out at him again in a tweet, which you can read below:


Three weeks have gone by since Neville made those comments but Lukaku has now responded.

And he's not held back.

"Don't question my professionalism," Lukaku told BBC Sport. "I live for this game. I am at home all the time. I try to do everything to improve.

"He (Neville) can talk about my fitness but he should never say anything about my professionalism, that I don't work hard enough.

"That is something he cannot say. All the coaches I have had say the same thing about me.

Gary Neville was happy to see Lukaku leave

"What did Ole Gunnar Solskjaer say when I was on the training ground? What did he say? That I always work hard and always do my best to try and improve myself. Same with Jose Mourinho and Roberto Martinez. Now Antonio Conte will say it.

"Last year was just a bad year. It happens in football. You just have to move on. I am not going to sit here and react in a negative way.

"We are grown men. He is a pundit. He gets paid to say this kind of stuff. I am paid to play football. I just want to do my best for Inter Milan. That is it."

A stern, yet sensible reply from Lukaku.

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