Sport England launches new campaign "We Are Undefeatable Campaign"

We are Undefeatable

Sport England have launched their new 'We Are Undefeatable' campaign to support the 15million people living with long-term health conditions in England to become more active.

One in four people living in England suffer from a long-term health condition and are two times more likely to be inactive, despite research showing physical activity can help manage many conditions and positively impact their health and wellbeing. 

The Department of Health expects the number of people with long-term health conditions in England to rise from 15million to 18million by 2025.

The initiative aims to help people suffering from illnesses like diabetes, Parkinsons, cancer, and arthritis to lead more active lifestyles and build physical activity into their everyday lives. 69% of those living with long-term illnesses would like to be more active and the 'We are Undefeatable' campaign is working with 15 leading health and sports charities to provide more information on how to get into sports.

Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive of Sport England said: “You’re twice as likely to be inactive if you have a long-term health condition. We believe we can change that because our research shows the majority of people with a condition would like to be more active. That might be strengthening activities, walking, going to the gym or playing a sport.

"We are very proud to support our charity partners in delivering this new campaign because we know with the right support, sport and physical activity have the ability to change the lives of people living with long-term health conditions for the better."

The Sport England website has a range of resources to help people find ways to become more active in ways that work for them.

GP surgeries and community pharmacies will also be distributing 'We Are Undefeatable' support packs as part of the campaign's programme to support healthcare professionals promoting physical activity to patients.

To find out more about how to get involved visit the We Are Undefeatable website and follow the hashtag #WeAreUndefeatable

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