Commentator reveals how Premier League players' names should be pronounced

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Ah, pronunciations.

Whether it's your local dialect or somebody just completely butchered the phrasing, we've all done a double-take when we've heard someone say a word differently to us.

And while the pronunciation of words like 'scone' can cause more controversy than you'd expect, the whole situation gets a little more personal when it comes to people's names.

Oscar-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan has spent her whole life hearing her name pronounced wrong and everybody stumbled when they first tried to vocalise the name 'Sinead.'

However, there are few more internationally diverse and high-profile employments in the United Kingdom than professional football - and the Premier League, in particular.

Difficult names to pronounce

Paul Merson, to give just one example, has gone viral in the past for struggling to say the names of players like: Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, Pavel Pogrebnyak and Sokratis Papastathopoulos.

And we have no doubt that similar pronunciation mishaps are made in pubs around the country on a weekly basis. 

Nevertheless, it becomes a little more important when your job is a Premier League commentator and your pronunciation decisions are broadcast to millions of people around the world.


Commentator clears things up

You'd think that all the announcers in the country would be singing from the same hymn sheet, but that really isn't the case and fans are some of the first to notice discrepancies on Twitter.

So, it's about time we settled the debate for good and we have professional commentator Danny Jamieson to thank after his Twitter thread on the topic went viral this weekend.

The presenter, who works for the Premier League and BT Sport, revealed that every player vocalises how they would like their names to be pronounced at the start of each season.


His pronunciation suggestions

Funnily enough, he didn't breakdown ever player in the division, but he was keen to publish the most eyebrow-raising and they go as followed:

Teemu Pukki (Norwich City) = TAY-mu Pukki

Christian Pulisic (Chelsea) = Christian puh-LISS-ick (so, yes, no Eastern European 'itch' sound)

Che Adams (Southampton) = SHAY Adams

Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City) = Kevin de BRERRR-neh (don't pronounce the 'y')

Leroy Sane (Manchester City) = Leroy ZAH-nay

Sebastien Haller (West Ham United) = Sebastien AL-air

Tanguy Ndombele (Tottenham Hotspur) = TON-gee Ndombele

Giovani Lo Selso (Tottenham Hotspur) = Giovani Lo SELL-so

Granit Xhaka (Arsenal) = Granit CHA-ka

Juan Foyth (Tottenham Hotspur) = Juan FOYT

Lucas Digne (Everton) = LuCA DEEN

Martin Dubravka (Newcastle United = Martin du-BRAW-ka

Joel Matip (Liverpool) = Jo-EL MAH-tip

Richarlison (Everton) = RI-shar-li-son

Fabien Delph (Everton) = FAY-bee-en Delph

Cheikhou Kouyate (Crystal Palace) = SHEK-oo Kouyate

James Tarkowski (Burnley) = James tar-KOFF-ski

Sean Dyche (Burnley) = Sean DIE-tch

Conor Hourihane (Aston Villa) = Conor HOWR-i-han

Everybody admit it, you've mispronounced at least one of these players' names this season. 

Manchester City v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League

It's particularly interesting to hear how some of the new signings are meant to have their names read out, while Jamieson was also keen to address some regular errors from over the years.

The De Bruyne one has certainly caused some controversy over the years but, that aside, we know even this list won't prevent some vocal mishaps from hitting the Premier League.

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