CM Punk says he would 'talk' to WWE if they came calling

CM Punk

It may have been the biggest will he or won't be moment in wrestling in some time, but CM Punk finally gave every fan an answer as to whether or not he would be at AEW All Out last night.

Punk did tell everyone in his Q&A earlier in the day that he wasn't going to be present at All Out, instead opting to spend some time with his wife, former WWE star AJ Lee, but fans still clung onto the hope that he was trying to swerve the people.

But after nearly four hours of action, All Out finished with Chris Jericho holding the AEW World Championship aloft, and Punk was nowhere to be seen.

The fact that All Out was in Chicago, coupled with the same red stars seen in Punk's logo that were also on the All Out official poster, saw people put two and two together and end up with four.

This time though Punk stuck to his word, and it's left everyone thinking that he really does not want a return to wrestling.

But a response to a question at his Q&A at Starrcast III earlier in the day in regards to WWE was certainly very interesting.

According to a recap from The Mix, Punk stated that he would talk to WWE, whether it be Vince McMahon or Triple H, if they decided to call him.

CM Punk says he would talk to either Triple H or Vince McMahon if they called

He also revealed that he is now over what happened during and after his departure from the company in 2014 - remember they posted  his termination papers the day he was set to get married to former Divas Champion Lee.

Punk also stated that both McMahon and HHH never understood his true value as a WWE superstar, even though he was given over a year with the WWE Championship.

It's important to note that Punk didn't specify whether he'd talk to WWE about an in-ring return - he simply stated he would 'talk' to them.

It means though that we can't close the door on a wrestling return for Punk just yet, no matter how unlikely it'll be.

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