Triple H has buried Enzo Amore after false speculation over his return to WWE

Triple H talks to talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy

A few days ago, Dave Meltzer surprisingly reported that a troubled tag team may be on the way back to WWE.

He noted in the Wrestling Observer that WWE had been in talks with Enzo Amore and Big Cass to apparently spearhead the NXT brand as they prepare to go live and two hours in length later this month.

Despite not doing much on the independent scene since both their departures in 2018, Enzo and Cass do hold name value and the rumours were talked about a lot on social media.

However WWE strenuously denied the rumours to several publications the same day they were broadcast, and in an interview with talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy in Cardiff before NXT UK TakeOver, Triple H admitted that he told the PR team to go ahead and firm their stance.

And he then ripped into Enzo and pretty much buried him on the spot.

"I immediately then had our PR go like, ‘yeah, no, zero interest’" HHH told McCarthy, after being quizzed on the speculation.

"I have 104, or 110 talent depending on the moment at the Performance Center in the U.S., another 45 - 50 here [in the U.K.] plus some development stuff around the world. I’m not worried [about filling a two hour show every week].

"The interesting thing about today’s world is, if you call up someone willing to believe anything, you can tell them anything you want in order to try and drum up business for yourself.

Rumours of Enzo Amore's WWE return were not true and Triple H has pretty much buried him

Congratulations to Enzo, I’m sure spreading rumours has worked well for him. I just don’t want any part of it.

Straight-up savage from the Cerebral Assassin.

It's interesting to note that HHH never mentioned Cass in this, which may mean he will be welcomed back at some point - if he's sorted his demons out.

But Enzo returning? As Vince McMahon's theme music says - absolutely no chance in hell.

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