Fans criticise Graeme Souness for his Moise Kean comments

Everton FC v Watford FC - Premier League

Moise Kean made his full Everton debut on Sunday as they beat Wolves 3-2 at Goodison Park.

The Merseysiders shocked everyone with the £27.5 million signing of the 19-year-old Italian from Juventus earlier this summer.

The striker finished last season with six goals in 13 Serie A appearances and established himself as one of the most exciting attacking talents in European football.

So it was a surprise to see the Italian champions sell him to Everton for a relatively modest fee.

But even before he could make his first start for the Toffees, Graeme Souness was questioning his arrival.

“If he’s 19, why have Juventus sold him?” Souness asked.

“Personally, there’s a slight alarm bell going off in my head. 

“Juventus are arguably the biggest and wealthiest club in Italy. 

“Given that they’ve got an older strike force and you’re selling a 19-year-old who won’t be hurting you wage wise. 

“They’ve not got £100million plus for him, I think there will be other issues there. I don’t know.

“If they’ve not got a buyback clause then they’re happy to see him out the door. At 19. 

“It doesn’t make any common sense. It seems as if Juventus are saying ‘we don’t care about how good he’s going to be, go on you can take him’. 

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“It’s a bit like Emmanuel Adebayor, at 25 just about to enter his best years and Arsene Wenger sold him to Manchester City. 

Right away you were thinking that he’s not selling him because he’s not a good footballer, it’s because something is not quite right.

“And that’s how it turned out to be.” 

Bit harsh?

Well, Souness’ attack on Kean certainly didn’t go down well with football fans.

Check out some of the reaction:

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Sounds then had to sit and watch Kean produce a decent performance to help Everton beat Wolves 3-2.

You get the impression Souness will regret those comments in the coming months and years.

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